"I always believe that culture is an essential part of life and have made strides to integrate it into the core of my design, advocacy and regeneration strategies and projects.


My proudest moments are these


Millennium Point 

Creation and delivery of the first Arts Strategy that resulted in collaborations and partnerships that continue today.  Highly regarded events included Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Crowd Out - the concept of Pulitzer Prize-winning American composer David Lang. 


Amazing events included:


Some cities


Eastside Projects

Birmingham Big Art Project





London Borough of Newham 


As a key component of the Olympic delivery plan and precursor to the future of Stratford town centre, the public art installation sales was created by Studio Egret West.


Birmingham City Council


Public lighting strategy - adopted Planning guidance “Lighting Places” which fused light with architecture for after dusk impact.




Advice, events and outcomes particularly focused on creative thinking and implementation in the built environment across the public and private sectors.  The most significant piece was funded and managed in collaboration with MUF at the Urban Summit in Birmingham in 2002 which was featured in the Guardian - a field of carved pumpkins at Brindley Place, Birmingham".